Livriha App


This was a three parts kind of gig. The client has an apparel business that delivers everywhere nationally; his customers would make an order through Social Media, and his employees would contact him everytime there’s a new order so that he can prepare it and deliver it via mail/taxi. He needed a desktop app, a mobile app, and a simple website (for his employees) to facilitate the process. In this case, his employees would use the website to type in the customers’ orders. When the owner starts up the desktop app, he will find all the orders (pending, arrived, in delivery, paid, not paid…), as well as his stores information, his employees information (name, phone numbers..), the taxis he’s relying on for deliveries (taxi code, phone number…). When he delivers an order, he can use either the desktop app or the mobile app to print a receipt which will be given to the taxi driver in order to identify the customer on arrival. There are many other features (statistics, payments tracking, real-time notfiications, database synchronisation…).

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